For this line of clothing are selected natural fibers only, without any synthetic additions. Modern technologies allow clothing made of natural materials to be practical, easy to use and pleasant to touch. Such clothing is suitable for everyday use; it is quite likely that you will want to wear it at home or on a vacation.

Designers used the latest fashion trends to create this stylish and contemporary collection that will bring a pleasure and add a confidence.  This clothing is a great choice for indoors and outdoors activities as well.


Collection of clothes from PranaLine is created on the basis of three principles:
  • Convenience, ease and practicality - we used the experience of practicing yoga, to provide freedom of movement in any asana;
  • Beautiful and modern design - it has been designed by professionals to provide an attractive type of clothing for the entire workout;
  • Natural materials - cotton and linen without synthetic additives provide excellent feel and heat even doing high-impact excercises.

Our clothes are designed specifically for yoga and other forms of active practice for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. All our clothing is tested in different positions and yoga asanas to make sure that the seams and cutting lines are arranged so that the movements were natural and effortless. Through this our  clothing looks good at any position of the body.


Spirit is bright and clean,
independent from
dirt and mud,
lotus in the dark pond-
and no wonder,
that pearl
shined dew on the leaves.


We all are the children of the Earth! Modern life is fettering us in chains increasingly. We often have to do, think and wear not that we would like to. Most of the time modern people spend at work, so all of us should look strictly and perfectly, even if it is out of our taste.

When the threshold of the favorite office is left behind, we suddenly notice that   life is still there. And it is magnificient, colorful, cheerful! Business suits and dresses are thrown out and the soul is revealed towards the sun. It can still be catched on the sunset, when the horizon is sun-drenched.

During especial moments - in the evenings after work, on weekends or on a  vacation  we notice how quick time passes. But we want a freedom…Clothes from PranaLine allows to be relaxed and open.

Wearing Advaita clothes you will always feel appropriate and comfortable. It is not only beautiful and modern design, but also a convenience. Clothes from PranaLine is the way of life. It brings a breath of freedom to our weekdays.  Thanks to a special cut, nothing constrains our movements; cotton and linen fabrics allow the body to breathe, presenting the feeling of lightness and weightlessness. Doing sport, travelling, and promenades will be even nicer in clothes from PranaLine .

Wearing it you can be yourself - not an employee, not a colleague, but just a human with his own unique inner world, reflected in the style of clothing. Natural smooth fabrics, nice colors and freedom of movement allow  to take off the ground, throw off the yoke of everyday problems and concerns and feel the harmony of the world.  Each human is unique and individual on its own way. Clothing from PranaLine emphasizes these differences. Wearing these clothes you want to levitate and enjoy!

It is awesome to jump at the opportunity and throw off formal suits and get into your favorite clothes. …Relax, feel the unity with the Earth and the Universe and regenerate…