Petal Neti Pot
"Petal" Neti Pot
RUB 2610.14
RUB 2296.92
Pranamat Eco Bag
Pranamat Eco Bag
RUB 2768.33

A human can not exist without means of personal hygiene and it is not a secret. Our unique products are necessary for every member of your family; thanks to them you will feel completely secure.

What is very essential to a modern human? The answer is obvious - a personal care is necessary for each member of your family.

This section offers you a variety of unique, high-quality accessories designed for a personal use.


With the help of Neti pot teapot Petal of PranaLine you can effectively clean the nose and sinuses, it is an ideal device for daily hygiene.The nature has prompted the design of this wonderful teapot. Neti pot Petal has a distinctive form, it looks like a lotus petal. The lid is made of natural cork and it can be used as a safe tip, which can be put on the teapot spout.

Comfortable and stylish bag for storage or handling of massage mat Pranamat Eco.
Bag is made from natural linen and is pleasant to touch. It is an excellent addition to the mat Pranamat Eco.