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Advaita thinking means casting away all barriers created by dogmas and rules, it means discovering your inner power and creating beauty in everything you touch
Pranamat Sales & Marketing
Pranamat Sales & Marketing’s mission is to encourage balance, soothe stress, and support a healthy lifestyle by providing innovative eco-friendly products that nurture our bodies and minds. We are health and wellness specialists, yoga professionals, designers and entreprenuers that have come together to create unique and effective eco-friendly products. Our passion lies in designing products for health-conscious individuals—combining pure materials with ancient wisdom and elegant aesthetics.
Pranamat Sales & Marketing casts away all barriers and helps you discover your inner power. Pranamat Sales & Marketing is a bridge where the past, the present, and the future meet by combining ancient wisdom, the colors and patterns of nature, and modern technologies.

We are inspired and educated by nature itself—its beauty, forms, colors, and wisdom.
Pranamat Sales & Marketing is dedicated to creating uniquely beautiful products that appeal to and engage all the senses..

Pranamat Sales & Marketing Products:
  • Pranamat Eco and Pranamat Eco Mini (the massager mats)
  • Petal neti pot (nasal cleaner)
  • Lotus for Ardhanari is Advaita’s «FLOW» clothing collection

Pranamat Sales & Marketing creations are:
  • Beautiful, elegant and based on nature
  • High quality and made with natural materials
  • Effective and easy-to-use

Pranamat Sales & Marketing products will help you:
  • Regenerate and revitalize yourself
  • Relieve pain, spasms, tension and stress

Pranamat Sales & Marketing adheres to strategic policies that support our environmental, moral, and social commitments:
  • Open and clear communication to our consumers, society and media
  • Legal and fair employment practices
  • Fair and competitive remuneration for our employees
  • Non-allergenic and non-harmful materials in all our products
  • Recycling and environmentally friendly processes in our manufacturing
  • Appropriate EU and USA FDA certifications and product listings